Classic American Optical StereoStar microscope pod with zoom range of 0.7x to 3x. Choice of oculars and auxiliary lenses result in a total magnification range of 2.3x (using 10x oculars and a 0.3x auxiliary objective) all the way to 150x using 25x oculars and a 2x auxiliary objective.

Working distance as supplied (without auxiliary lenses) is 4 inches. Interpupilary distance is adjustable from 55 to 75mm. One ocular tube is focusable for slight dioptre differences. The pod bodies may be rotated within the focusing yoke of the stand while the sample remains centered. These are very rugged and well made instruments with excellent imaging characteristics.

Oculars and auxiliary lenses are not included. This is the later version of the pod (black finish, with shorter ocular tubes. The optics are in superb condition (no scratches, and coatings excellent). All pods have passed tests checking for parfocality while zooming and proper alignment. All are excellent. Pod exteriors may show modest signs of use. A typical pod was used for the photographs.

Photo set 1328

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