This is the entry-level version of the classic Bausch & Lomb stereo zoom microscope Pod. It has a zoom range of 1x to 2x (later StereoZoom 3 pods increased the zoom range to 2.5x). Magnification can be further varied by exchanging the oculars (B&L has eyepiece pairs from 10x to 33x designed for use with the stereo pods), or by threading an auxiliary objective adapter onto the front of the pod. The later are available in various magnifications from 0.3x to 2x, but they alter the working distance of the pod. This yields a magnification range of 3x to 160x depending on the combination of oculars and auxiliary lenses selected.

This pod is in excellent cosmetic condition and exceptional optical/mechanical condition. It represents the earliest generation instruments with all metal construction and gray finish. The dust seals beneath the ocular tubes are no longer present (the earlier seals tended to dry out and crumble away). Alignment is very good. These will be checked for proper zoom function and relubricated when warranted before they are posted. The lubricants on older pods tend to become rather tacky and the result is an image jump during zooming. Replacing the lubricant on the zoom cams and the guide ledges will correct this issue.

Pod catalog number is 31-26-93. With standard 10x oculars (not included) the field diameter ranges from 20mm at 1x to 10mm at 2x, with a working distance of 100mm. Instrument remains in focus throughout the zoom range.

To make a complete instrument you need a focusing yoke (included with some of the simpler stand versions), a support stand, and a pair of oculars. Optional needs would include an illumination source. Inquire regarding the availability of complete systems or multiple units.

Location OA 19H

Photo set 1131

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