This is a wonderful vintage Bausch & Lomb Greenough style stereo microscope (the Greenough system uses completely independent optical paths for the right and left sides, both of which are focused at the same point on the sample. This particular example is one of the more elaborate configurations B&L offered in the 1960's. Three objective pairs can be quickly interchanged - all are attached to a common slide. The objectives included with this instrument include a 0.66x, a 1.3x, and a 7.5x. The oculars are a pair of wide-field 10x.

The stand may includes a separable base that is used for transmitted light applications. The mirror fork is present, but the mirror is missing. Also lacking is the glass stage plate and the chrome-plated ledge on the front of the stage that would have held it in place. This would be a very easy thing to fabricate. When transmitted light is not needed, the bottom assembly may be removed after releasing a knurled screw on the back of the focus drive housing. In addition to the rack & pinion focus drive there is a second dovetail which may be extended for very large samples - the handle for securing it is visible beneath the microscope arm.

The microscope is in excellent condition. All parts have been relubricated, and the alignment has been checked and found to be excellent. Contrast is very good and glass is immaculate.

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