This unit is an HP E1437A with Opt. ANE 20 MSa/s Digitizer with DSP Typical applications: IF digitizer, RF receiver digitizer, DAC testing, focal plane array testing, radar processing, research.

The HP E1437A is an ultra-linear digitizer that allows users to accurately characterize signals in both the time (1) and frequency domains with very high resolution. Time-domain measurements, such as the time between pulses, can be measured with up to 18 effective bits of amplitude resolution and picosecond resolution on the time axis. Frequency-domain measurements are made with up to 110 dBFS of distortion-free and spur-free dynamic range. Noise can be reduced by on-board filtering, averaging, or transforming data into the frequency domain in the host computer. Up to 18 bits of amplitude resolution are possible because of dithering and a unique digital signal processing (DSP) algorithm that reduces deterministic noise such as spurs and distortion on the fly. This same extraordinary level of performance is available for time domain measurements by two additional DSP functions: 1) correction algorithms that remove the ringing in time-domain measurements caused by the anti-aliasing filters, and 2) a digital reconstruction filter that recovers all of the information in the original analog waveform even the values of points between the original sample points! Because all of the original information is present (in a digital format), the output can be re-sampled (in software) at an arbitrarily high sample rate. Time base accuracy and resolution is typically increased three orders of magnitude over traditional digitizers optimized for the time domain. Note that simple post processing using C functions is required to obtain the time domain performance..

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