GAM Laser EX10 Laser.
1000Hz 15 ns
Max Energy: 100 mJ
Max Average Power: 100 Watts.
BG Fabrication A special version of the EX10 laser is available for FBG fabrication. The EX10BM laser offers substantially longer spatial and temporal coherence than a standard EX10 excimer laser. The EX10BM produces better than 1% standard deviation pulse to pulse stability and a long term pointing stability of 50 mRad , The laser is packaged in a single table top air cooled unit including the internal vacuum pump and halogen filter.

Internal Vacuum Pump and Halogen Filter All laser models feature an internal vacuum pump, solenoid valve manifold and Halogen filter. The vacuum pump is used when the active laser gas in the laser chamber is replaced. The used gas is passed through a high capacity Halogen filter and all Fluorine or Chlorine is removed. The Halogen filter is rated for approximately 1000 refills of the laser head, and is replaced during laser head service. The internal vacuum pump system and computer control insures reliable, hands off, repeatable gas refills without the use of any external vacuum components and bulky stand alone vacuum pumps or halogen filters. Additionally the internal vacuum pump allows for a complete contamination free gas replacement, unlike excimer lasers which use gas flow through only to replace the active laser gas. The vacuum pump provides a more reliable method of gas exchange than simple flow through.

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