This is a Elnik Systems / IPM IR-300 Infrared Vacuum Oven / Chamber 38" x 48"'.

The hour meter reads 16,230 and the unit was manufactured 1/5/96.
The chamber is single wall 304 stainless steel with heat shielding..
The oven is designed for 120C continuous temperature with +/- 10C uniformity.
Helium mass spectrometer tight to 2 x 10 -9 STD CClSec..

A Varian Turbo V70 Vacuum Pump controller and Macro Torr V 70D pump are installed. The pump rotor spins freely but is not tested further.
A second vacuum pump (mechanical) is missing and would be needed for proper operation.
Three infrared heaters are installed internally through rear of the chamber wall via 3/4" quick disconnect couplings with a space for a fourth.
The electrical power requirements are 208 VAC 60Hz 43 amps 3 phase.

Note: Vacuum oven built to the following National Fire Protection Association Standards :
NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industrial- Machinery I J.99L edition.
NFPA B6D Industrial Furnace Using Vacuum as an Atmosphere, 1989 edition.
ANsf/nn'pa ZO - National- Electrical Code.
OSHA 19 CFR, Part 1910, Occupational Safety & Health Standard, Sub-Part S - Electrical.
All 4 heaters need to be replaced as they were damaged in transport to our facility.
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