Davidson Optronics D-600 Comparison Autocollimator


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Weight 20.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 26 × 20 in
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Product Condition Used
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OEM Name Davidson Optronics

This used Davidson D-600 Comparison Autocollimator comes from a working environment but has not been tested. Please call us for more information.

From Manufacturer Website:
– Measure angular differences between two reflecting surfaces to 0.1 arc second
– Readings are not affected by instrument movement
– Extremely simple to check surface plates or machine tool alignment
– Measure about either vertical or horizontal axis

Model D-600 Comparison Autocollimators apply a unique principle of autocollimation to compare and measure small angles with extremely high precision. Specifically, the instrument measures the difference in angle between two reflecting surfaces. A beam of collimated light from the instrument is divided to illuminate a reference mirror and a second mirror whose relative angle is to be determined. The patented design employs a unique arrangement of optical tipping plates coupled to a calibrated micrometer dial, where the relative angle is read when the images are aligned. Differences in angle of the returning beams can be measured with average repeatability of 1/10 arc seconds, either vertically or horizontally. The micrometer dial is graduated in 1/10 arc seconds, with each second numbered. One complete revolution of the dial is equal to 10 arc seconds with a total range of 120 arc seconds. Of utmost importance to precision is the fact that instrument movement during reading will only move the images in the field of view; it will have absolutely no effect on the reading. This fact eliminates the rigid mounting and extreme handling care demanded by other instruments, where any motion is translated directly into the micrometer reading.

Manufacturer Specifications:
– Sensitivity: 1/10 arc sec
– Accuracy: 0.5 arc sec
– Focal Length: 20 inch (508 mm)
– Aperture Diameter: 2.375 inch (60 mm)
– Measuring Range: 120 arc sec
– Micrometer Scale: Graduation 1/10 sec One revolution equals 10 sec
– Housing Material: Aluminum
– Overall Dimensions: (L x W x H) 23 x 5.375 x 5.125 inch (584 x 137 x130 mm)
– Finish: Ivory enamel
– Carrying Case: Hardwood

This unit has not been calibrated. Buyer will need to source their own calibration.

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