Danaher (NEAT / Dover) Z-axis Stage with Small


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Weight 25.3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in
Location H3R2
Tested Untested
Cosmetic Condition 5 - New/Like New
Product Condition New
Container Box
OEM Name Danaher Precision Systems

This table was first manufactured by N.E.A.T (New England Affiliated Technologies) which later merged with Dover Instruments. Recently, both companies are now represented by Danaher Precision Systems, making this stage of very recent manufacture. It features both small-angle theta rotation and Z-axis elevation. Z axis control is via a cam following a precision wedge. For this reason the stage must be used in a horizontal configuration.

Table diameter � 200mm
Theta rotary travel � plus / minus 4 degrees
Z-axis travel � approximately 12.5mm
Positional accuracy � 10 microns height, 0.05 degrees theta
Stage base dimensions � 7.874 x 7.874 inches
Minimum table height � 3.465 inches
Z-axis ways � four 25mm diameter non-recirculating bearing columns
Z-axis motor � VEXTA Model PH268M-E1.5B
Z-axis motor equipped with VEXTA Clean Damper Model D6CL-6.3 OY8
Stage serial number � 42260
Pitch and yaw � 15 arc-seconds
Payload � 10 kg

Additional information may be found at the following links (the first link covers the standard Z-axis stage, and the second link gives more particulars on the special �theta-version�):



The table is in new condition but is sold without the four connection cables (one cable for each axis motor, and one cable for each pair of axis limit sensors). Each pair of axis cables terminates in a single connector. If you need cable sets, please refer to our other listings. We also have suitable four-axis controllers available. (See our �other recommendations� to the left of this column for cables and controller references).

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