Burleigh SG201 2in Gimbal Mount and Angle Bracket


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Weight 5.2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 8 in
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OEM Name Burleigh

Burleigh SG201 2″ Gimbal Mount and Angle Bracket

This is a Burleigh gimbal mount for optics or mirrors of 2 inches diameter. It is a true gimbal – both the azimuth and elevation axes are co-planar with the front surface of the mirror cell. The mounts are exquisitely made from three basic castings – two for each of the gimbal planes and one for the supporting plate. There are three basic subassemblies to the mounts. The gimbal mount with the micrometer spindles; the removable optic carrier mount; and the angle support plate. These mounts lack the optic carrier portion.

This version is a bit earlier – the micrometer spindles lack the large plastic adjustment rings for increased setting sensitivity. Each axis has internal springs to keep the gimbal plates in contact with the micrometer spindles, and in addition, a spring-loaded plunger to augment stability. The position of the plunger can easily be changed so it will be effective in the range of motion required.

The removable optic carrier is missing from this mount – currently there is a clear bore of 2.255 inches diameter. One could easily fabricate a mirror holder to fit the bore.

The last component is a right-angle bracket for attaching the gimbal mount to a table. The gimbal mounting support plate attaches to the bracket with four Allen cap screws. The rear portion of the angle plate has been milled away (see photo).


� Gimbal support plate – 4 inches wide, 4.75 inches tall (0.500 inches thick)
� Optic axis height = 2 inches
� Range of motion (azimuth and elevation) – approximately plus or minus 2 degrees
� Modified Starrett 263 micrometers with large thimble rings
� Overall depth with micrometers – 4 inches
� Minimum / Maximum mirror thickness – 0.25 / 0.60 inches.

The base plate adapter (right-angle bracket) raises the optic axis height to 2.375 inches. Overall baseplate dimension is 4 inches by 2.70 inches (base used to be 4 inches long). The reference plane lies approximately 0.875 inches from the front of the base plate.

Listing includes gimbal mount and modified support bracket. Condition of everything is superb. The mounts have been rebuilt and the micrometer spindles cleaned and relubricated. The gimbal plates in these mounts are cast steel, not the much lighter aluminum alloy
***MPN SG201
***OEM Burleigh
***SKU*** 23054

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