BD Plan 20 Metallurgical Microscope Objective 210


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This microscope objective is corrected for looking at uncovered samples such as semiconductor wafers or metallurgical polished sections. It is capable of work with incident light darkfield, therefore the central objective is surrounded by an annular condenser / mirror system to direct light onto the sample. Because of the condenser system the 26mm / 0.75tpi thread size is larger than the standard RMS thread (20.3mm).

The objective is of the ‘finite’ series as opposed to infinity systems. It is corrected for a tubelength of 210mm. The 210 / 0 on the side of the barrel indicates both the tubelength and the coverglass correction – ‘0’ means strict adherence to uncovered samples is required.

Characteristics of the objective include:

� Magnification – 20x (green color band)
� Numerical Aperture – 0.40
� Working Distance – 2.5mm
� Correction Distance – 45mm
� Tube length correction – 210mm
� Thread size – 26mm (BD thread)
� Flat field correction (Plan)

In addition to being excellent microscope objectives, this series of objectives is strongly favored for macro photography using image-stacking software. These are CF objectives, by which Nikon means ‘Chrome-Free’ – unlike most manufacturers who split the corrections for color aberrations between the objective and the ocular, the Nikon objectives and oculars are completely corrected independently of each other. This makes them especially suitable for stand-alone operation as macro lenses, although they will perform best when the image sensor is located reasonably close to the intended intermediate image plane. The chrome shroud of the BD series may also be completely removed leaving a very matte-black and relatively thin central objective – sometimes very advantageous in macro photography.

This objective is in near-perfect condition – the glass appears to be completely blemish-free.

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