Mirror Mounts Motorized

We have a large “ready to ship” inventory of discounted new and used Optics Mounts. Our used inventory includes optical mirror mounts, laser mirror mounts, picomotors, optic mirror mounts, kinematic mirror mounts, tilt tip optic mounts, and tilting optical mounts. The list of what we carry in terms of Optical Mirror Mounts is enormous. Our surplus mirror mount inventory comes from high end manufacturers including; Newport Research, Thorlabs, Melles Griot, Klinger, and Oriel. BMI Surplus also offers used optical tables, laser tables and breadboards of good value and high quality for setups requiring rigid support and vibration isolation. We specialize in used optical equipment that rivals new in performance. With decades of experience locating quality used Optical Equipment in excellent condition our inventory has the variety to choose from. BMI Surplus is the source for a Gimbal Mirror Mounts that many of the major research institutions, universities, and corporations around the world have come to rely on. Our inventory is updated daily so keep checking back for newly added Optical Equipment for sale.

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  • SKU: 66238

    Areotech Motorized Mount 15 1/2″ Dia. w/ accessories

  • SKU: 61266

    Burleigh AF2500 2 inch driven Mirror

  • SKU: 14982

    Newport MM-2A Kinematic Mirror Mount with Mirror

  • SKU: 12358

    General Scanning G300PDT Optical Scanner

  • SKU: 44760

    Aerotech AOM360-4 Motorized Two-Axis Optical Mount.

  • SKU: 39678

    General Scanning Inc. 3008006 Galvanometer

  • SKU: 39333

    General Scanning G108 Galvanometer Assembly

  • SKU: 34791

    KLA Tencor SFS 7X00 Resonant Laser Scanner

  • SKU: 19796

    Burleigh Inchworm Translator

  • SKU: 13156

    General Scanning G300PDT Galvanometer Laser Galvo Scanner

  • SKU: 873

    Aerotech AOM-6 Motorized Mount w/ MT-2115-023BE Motors