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Understanding the types of Optical Stages


Optical Stages are most commonly used in Scientific applications that require motion control.  There are various types of optical stages available that will be effective for use in your application. Take a look at our guide below to find out more about Optical Stages.


  • Linear Stages

Linear Translation Stages  are used to precisely position an object along a single axis. These stages include a moving platform and a stationary base that are joined by a bearing system. The position is controlled with a precision linear actuator.  When selecting a linear stage you will also need to select your axes of travel. For a single axis of horizontal linear travel one should use X configuration. Most X type stages are modular and can also be configured for multi-axis travel through stacking of additional x stages. For just vertical travel applications one should use a Z type linear stage. For multi-axis travel you can use a linear stage configured for such use. These would include XY, XZ and XYZ linear stages. Also included in the Linear Translation stage family are Vertical Positioners, Motorized Linear Stages, Nanopositioning Piezo Motor Linear Stages & Motorized Vertical Stages, and Spindles & Actuators.


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  • Rotation & Rotary Stages

Rotation, Rotary and Tilt Tip Kinematic Stages are generally used metrology, optics positioning, metrology, micro-robotics, sensor testing, disk texturing & semiconductor wafer inspection or scribing. There are manual Rotation Stages, Rotation Mounts, Motorized Rotation Stages, Rotary Table & Tilt RotaryPlatforms. They a component of a motion system used to secure and restrict an object to a single axis of rotation. Rotary Stages consist of a platform that moves relative to a base.


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  • Combination Optical Stages

Combination Stages include Alignment Stages, Optical Positioners & Multi-Axis.  Generally they may be combined with Linear Translation,  Rotation and/or Motorization.

BMI has  a huge inventory of surplus discounted, new, recycled & pre-owned Optical Stages including   Linear Translation StagesCombination Stages, Motorized Stages,  Rotation & Rotary Stages, Spindles & Actuators,  Positioning Stages & Z-Axis Stages  & Stage Controllers.  Much of our Optical Stages inventory came from working environments and are in fine condition.


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  • Stage Controllers

BMI Surplus also has a large inventory of Optical Stage Controllers, include Digital Controllers, X, Y Axis Controllers & Motion Controllers available for sale.


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  • Spindles & Actuators


SKU #58472 New Focus 8310 Closed Loop Picometer Piezo Linear Actuator

SKU #56375 Phase-R Corp Micrometer Head 1/2 inch


We have a large inventory and variety of used and new Optical Stages for sale at BMI Surplus, Inc
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