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Guiding light by refraction is the princple that make fiber optics possible....

Fiber Optics are often used in data transmission or light guide applications. Optical Fibers used in light guide applications transmit safe, no-heat light, which is ideal for medical, inspection, automotive, or display applications. Just one Optical Fiber utilizes total internal reflection to transmit light, allowing bends and twists along its path. Minimal light loss during transmission allows Optical Fibers to transmit light or data quickly over long distances. When bundled together Fiber Optics are able to transmit large quantities of data for telecommunication applications.  As telecommunications and technology are changing practically by the second these days, the need for good quality Fiber Optic Equipment is great.

There are many instruments and tools that are used for Fiber Optic Applications that include;  Fiber Couple Laser Combiners, Buffered Fiber Optics, Communication Grade Fiber Optics, Fiber Connector Adapters, Fiber Optic Alignment Mounts, Fiber Optic Collimators and Focus Assemblies, Cutting Blocks, Fiber Optic Image Conduits, Fiber Optic Patch-cords, Tapers, Faceplates, Focusable Collimators, Hot Knifes and Optical Grade Fiber Optics and various Fiber Optic Accessories.

BMI Surplus is able to offer used, new and recycled Fiber Optics, Fiber Optic Accessories and Fiber Optic Test Equipment at deep discount pricing.   We currently have in inventory a large supply of Fiber Optic Equipment and Fiber Optic Accessories available on our website at

Some very nice items we currently have in our inventory include;


SKU# 56738 ASML 8 Channel Fiber Optics Board 

SKU# 43035   Kaifa TWBC-A-55-04-L-A-1 Fiber Optic Module 

SKU# 41949 Fiber Optic Transmitter Receiver Assembly

SKU# 12412  Sumitomo Optical Fiber Fusion Slicer Type-34

 SKU# 347 Ultra Tec UT-Minipol-2 Fiber Polisher

SKU# 58457 Newport FM-1 Fiber Optic Mode Scrambler


These items came from working environments and although they have not been tested we expect them to be in good working order.  We purchase many of our scientific & fiber optic items from companies, universities, schools and hospitals. When these facilities have completed a project they sell their scientific equipment in bulk to BMI Surplus.  They then move on to their next project.  Most often the equipment we purchase through these sources is in fine condition although we often not able to test each and every item we resell.

The huge inventory we currently  have  in the  Fiber Optic  section of our ware house includes;  Fiber Polishers,   Fiber Optic Lasers,  High Intensity Illuminators,  Light Sources,  Fiber Optic Lamps,   Fiber Polishers,   Fiber Optic Oven Control,  Fiber Optic Modules,  Fiber Optic Components,  Fiber  Optic Couplers,  Cleavers,  Fiber Fusion Slices, Light Guides,  Fiber Optic Scopes, Fiber Optic Switches, Fiber Optic Cables,  Fiber Optic Receivers, Fiber Optic Cutting Stations,  Fiber Collimation Parts, Demodulators,  Fiber Optic Filaments,  Fiber Optic Detectors,  Fiber Optic Jumpers, Micromanipulators, Fiber Optic Transceivers,  Amplifiers,  Attenuators,  Thermal Strippers,  Polarization Parts, Fiber Receptacles,  Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Bare Fiber Adapter Kits,  Fiber Optic Control Boards and Fiber Chuck Holders. 

This is just a sampling of the Fiber Optic Equipment and Fiber Optic Accessories that BMI Surplus has for sale.  All of our inventory is in stock and ready to ship worldwide today.  
Don’t be afraid to give us a call at 781-871-8868 or Email with questions or to make us a reasonable offer on any item you are interested in.  Our customer service team would   be happy to supply you with more photos and answer any questions you may have.

The BMI Surplus Team looks forward to working with you on your next project!

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