MD-HC Series Highly Corrosive Solutions
Ryton Construction Little Giant's
comprehensive line of magnetic drive pumps
is designed for circulation of acids, alkalis,
solvents, brine, plating solutions, sterile
solutions, and other special fluids, for use
in environments such as hospitals, chemical
companies, photo labs, dry cleaning plants,
car washes, machine shops, laboratories,
manufacturing plants, print shops and wineries.

Magnetic Pump Features:

Leakproof, seal-less magnetic drive.
No maintenance due to seal wear.
No seal friction to reduce motor horsepower.
Only chemical resistant materials are
in contact width fluids.

Magnetic coupling design acts as a clutch
to eliminate motor burnout and overloading
under adverse conditions.

Spindle shaft is supported at both ends to
prevent impeller damage during start-up
and stop of pump.

Magnet housing acts as an insulator to
prevent motor heat from being transferred
to the fluid being pumped.

All threaded intake and discharge ports are
USA (American) standard taper pipe threads (NPT).
Teflon tape is provided.

The MD-HC Series models have “run-dry”

Thermal overload protection.

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