Vertical Cylinder 17.75" (ID-Width)  x 37.25" (ID-Height)
Top & Bottom Flanges - 22" OD Wire Seal Flanges

The top flange is populated with (3) 2.75" conflat flanges and (1) 8" conflat flange.  The bottom flange is populated with (7) 2.75" conflat flanges.  The main cylinder is equipped with (19) 2.75" conflat flanges, (8) 8" conflat flanges, and (2) 6" conflat flanges. 

The chamber is mounted on a mild steel pointed, vibration isolating frame built by Technical Manufacturing Company (TMC).  The model number is 14-427-99 and the serial number is 903371. 

The system is portable with 4 heavy duty, recessed swivel rollers, one on each leg.

The chamber had been used for some light thin film coatings and is quipped with removable internal shielding.  The coating components of the system have been removed and the system is in a "semi-clean" condition.

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