This is a custom-engineered inspection station that can handle masks or wafers up to 200mm. It includes a motorized stage with 8 inches travel in X and Y. There is also a motorized Z-axis (focus) with over 1 inch of travel.

The stage is designed for work in transmitted light as well as reflected light - the aperture in the stage allows full excursion with the transmitted light illumination. The illuminator is quite simple - basically a fiber optic system placed behind a matte diffusion glass disk. The fiber optic cable is present, but the light source is not included.

The Z-axis drive uses a Bausch & Lomb Balplan industrial microscope focus system. It carries a cantilevered arm on which the upper limb of a Nikon Optiphot with motorized nosepiece has been fixed. The nosepiece accommodates four 26mm thread BD series bright-field / darkfield objectives (none are included). The arm also has the annular dovetail ring to accept the vertical illuminator, and on top of that, the viewing tube. The vertical illuminator and tube are not included.

The motor for the Z axis is a Vexta 2-Phase stepping motor, model PH265-02 (12v DC). Both the X and Y motors are Vexta 2-Phase Model PK266-03B. None of the motor drive electronics is present. There is a connector at the rear of the upper limb for control of the motorized nosepiece. No cable is present.

This system is in excellent condition. All motions can be actuated manually (there are knobs on both X and Y axis motors, and the original Bausch & Lomb focus drive knobs remain on the right side of the system.

This makes an excellent base for an inexpensive 8-inch inspection station.

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