Semiconductor Processing

This probe station consists of a removable upper table, the height of which may be regulated by a micrometer spindle on the left-side lever arm. The table wraps around a stepper controlled XY stage with six inches motion in both X and Y direction. In addition, the table has a small degree of theta offset capability, controlled by the large knob in front of the stage riser. The upper surface has three selectable vacuum area diameters of 15mm, 75mm, and 150mm.

Over the sample stage and upper table is a large gantry mechanism. This carries a microscope that may be independently positioned through a range of 6 by 6 inches using large diameter ball screws. The gantry system runs on precision linear bearings. The microscope itself is attached to a Z-axis slide that is counter-weighted so the microscope can be lifted vertically out of the way when reconfiguring table micromanipulators.

The microscope is a Mitutoyo ultra wide field binocular instrument with a photo port for documentation or 'on-screen' monitoring. No camera is included, and the fiber optic light source is absent. The microscope includes four Mitutoyo Plan Apochromat objectives with extra long working distances. These include:

Plan Apo 2.5 / 0.055 numerical aperture
Plan Apo 10 / 0.28 numerical aperture
Plan Apo 20 / 0.42 numerical aperture
Plan Apo 50 / 0.55 numerical aperture

The oculars are ultra wide-field WF 10x / 24, paired. The microscope includes a zoom system controlled by a small knob on the right front, and is focused via coaxial coarse and fine knobs located either side of the instrument.

The probe station also includes two other components. The driver system control unit interfaces with the computer and the probe station. There is a PC specially configured for the probe station but we have no software. The joystick for the PC will need to be sourced elsewhere - it uses a 15-pin D connector. There are two large interconnect cables.

Overall condition of the instrument is near-new. It is exceptionally clean, with some very minor localized pitting on the vacuum surface. The microscope is in perfect condition. All controls work properly, and the glass is without blemishes of any kind. Please see the attached photos.

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