This is a very fine example of the most elaborate stereo microscope stand produced by Bausch & Lomb. The model number is SK, and it comes with an ER type focusing drive carrier for the various B&L stereo microscope pods. The ER arm is similar to the simpler type E arm, except that the pod may be rotated about the optical axis, greatly increasing the versatility of the stand. This stand is one of the older versions, since it is light gray in finish instead of black.

The base has a crank for elevation of the pillar, which is free to rotate. The crank may be locked in place with a sliding catch, and the rotation may be clamped with a large knurled knob. Horizontal extension of the arm is accomplished via a massive rack & pinion motion. The boom has a massive counterweight.

At the end of the boom is a vertical joint with approximately 160 degrees of motion that holds an extension arm about 5 inches in length. At the end of the extension is another adjustable knuckle that may also be rotated. The focusing yoke (E or ER arm) pin fits into the other end of this knuckle. When you add the two orientation motions of the ER type arm (angle and rotation), you end up with a total of eight degrees of motion independent of the focusing drive itself.

This base is quite heavy, and does require a fair amount of real estate, but in turn, it does allow one the greatest amount of latitude in positioning the microscope for best viewing position. The stand is in exceptional condition. All mechanical parts work perfectly, and cosmetically the stand itself is great.

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